I am just a girl. I am simple and rough around the edges. I am boring, because my past was not. I am a daughter and a friend. I was saved almost 4 years ago. I believe there is healing in music and community. I hold value in promise and hope in tomorrow. I will listen, but I'm far from perfect.

Kathleen Hillier

Come out to Kuppa Joe All Ages Night Club in Fresno, CA we have back to back shows and something for everyone this weekend!

Friday night we start things off LOUD! With some bands guaranteed to melt your face off! j/k but seriously! Sounds & Sciences will also be giving away a free download of their latest single. Saturday night we’ll have some solid rock for for a more kick back show, with bands coming from other states. 

Every Monday night at KuppaJoe we have a casual All Ages Bible Study! FREE to everyone & if you don’t have a bible we’ve got one for you! So come back after a weekend of show-going and get fed!

Any Questions? Feel Free to ask away!

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